Monday, October 18, 2010

West Chester Restaurant Festival

     This post is certainly long overdue. I haven't been keeping up with my blog very much.. which makes me sad. I love baking and food, but honestly haven't been able to put any time into the blog. (Which I hope will change)
     The West Chester Restaurant Festival was back on September 19th, about a month ago. It was a beautiful and sunny fall day and the crowds were just as crazy as last year. I'm not much on crowds, but I will bear them for some good food.
A small look at the rather large crowd at the Festival.

This year I went with my lovely roommates and we had a lot of fun perusing the various vendors and sampling tons of food. They had booths for all sorts of things; from religious booths, to jewelry and clothes and of course, food. I don't have much to say about the event, because I honestly believe the sites and food speak for themselves. So I am just going to post a bunch of photos from the day. Enjoy!
Limoncello Ristorante, a wonderful restaurant serving Southern Italian cuisine.

Funnel Cakes!

An Vanilla Bean "Upcake" or reverse cupcake, frosted on not one, but three sides.

Some of the restaurants participating in the festival.

Yummm.. bruschetta!


Sweet Potato Fries: Quite possibly the best snack ever.

The best way to end the day, a coffee and vanilla ice cream float.

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