Friday, July 22, 2011

Mission Sweet Tea

My current location is in the back seat of an '04 Honda Civic with my cousin, Angela and our grandmother on the way to North Carolina.. My cousin is moving down there for school and we are helping her settle in this week. We left about a half hour ago and I am not looking forward to the many hours of driving that are ahead of us. Luckily I have some 'Taste of Italia' magazines and my iPhone to keep me occupied.
However, I am excited for one reason.. While in NC I am on a self proclaimed mission.. My mission is to find the best Sweet Tea in Raleigh. I have an unhealthy obsession with Sweet Tea and enjoy trying new flavor additions at home, so this idea came naturally.
I hope to update this every time I order a tea on my trip, but I only have my iPhone (no laptop... :( ) so it might be a tad difficult. I'm so excited!

Stay cool in this crazy summer heat! I'm hoping the tea will cool me down from the moving and cleaning that will be occurring..

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