Monday, October 10, 2011

MIssion Sweet Tea - Part II

     [LONG OVERDUE POST...] Alrighty, so I am back from my mini vacation to North Carolina and I cannot believe I am saying this... but I freaking love it down there.  Southern Hospitality is certainly alive and well to say the least.  The campus was wonderful (really really big too! Which I'm definitely not used to.) and filled with tons of stuff to do, but most importantly, tons of places to go out to eat!  I wasn't planning on posting about the restaurants we went to but I almost feel that I have to. 
    Back to what this post was intended for: Sweet Tea! Enough to fill a swimming pool and certainly enough to make a diabetic cringe. On my short trip I think I consumed approximately 12 sweet teas. [Yes, I am throughly ashamed.. but equally satisfied] I say 'approximately' because I cannot truly account for how many glasses I had at "The Pit" in downtown Raleigh. Our waiters never let our glasses get halfway empty! 
   I can't say any of the teas I tried were bad, but there were certainly some that stood out.  [Note: I forgot to take a picture of my tea at Mitch's. It was pretty good, but their Limeade was even better..]

The Sweet Tea at 'Neomonde' was spectacular. It was the first one I tried and was certainly my favorite! We even got to watch the woman make it, which was a plus.
-Available in gallons.
-Not overly sweet
-Not grainy, definitely made with a simple syrup (*My cousin referred to this as a "syrupy warmth")

My Neomonde tea with a delicious dessert (name escapes me...)
Snapple Sweet Tea at KMart
I've never seen these in powder form before! (And not sugar free no less!) So naturally I bought both. 

Burger King.. I have only eaten at Burger King once in my life and I hated it. I didn't eat anything, but I naturally had to try the tea.
-Not too sweet, which surprised me since it was a fast food place..
-Odd lemon flavor, even though I didn't order lemon. (They probably did a shoddy job of cleaning the tub)


Since I am posting this one so very late, I am not going to finish all of the descriptions.. but I took the pictures, so I figured I might as well post them. I'm definitely craving some sweet tea now.. Ugh..!

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